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How to Take Photos Without a Mannequin or Ghost Mannequin Effect?

Mannequins and models are generally the preferred choices in apparel photography as it is easier for customers to envision the product on themselves. Moreover, people are more likely to purchase your product if they see a model wearing it than simply lying on a table. However, models are pretty expensive and can be time-consuming. If you need pictures of products for women, men and children, then you would need different mannequins for each category.



A good photo editing agency can do most of the work for you by changing the background and enhancing the color. But what can you do if you are on a budget and need eye-catching apparel photos? Here are some of your options. 


  • Flat Lay Photography


The flat lay photography technique is an easy, quick way to display your product and is chosen for simplicity. It allows flexibility in styling and ease in setting up the studio before the shoot, and you can shoot more photos within a short time. If you don’t have a proper studio setup, you can use some hangers instead. 


You can capture more appealing apparel images using flat lay photography than with a mannequin obstructing the viewer’s focus. Retailers and brands seek easy to execute ideas and can speed up the photography for stylish clothing. Flat lay photography is the best method to meet the demand since it doesn’t require a complicated setup and is not time-consuming.


  • Conventional Flat Lay Photography


Unlike the other method, this uses a table where you place the product with some sticks and pins to shape it or keep it in place. All the equipment and the camera face the product, and a bird’s eye view shot of the product is taken. You can use tissue paper and tuck in the product under the arms to give it a natural depth. 


Tips for Flat Lay Photography

  1. Keep your lines clean, ensure symmetry and make space between the sidebars

  2. Remember the rule of thirds and use a 3X3 grid to create control points

  3. Ensure the product is right in the middle of the table, keeping it in place with tape

  4. Make sure the neckline and shoulders are leveled and straight

  5. Maintain the natural shape of the apparel and ensure all features are visible 


Suppose you cannot avoid using a mannequin, whether it’s because the product cannot be accommodated on a hanger or a table properly or any other issue, you can edit the visible part of the mannequin. A mannequin can speed up the process since you wouldn’t need to adjust the clothing or stuff it up to give it a natural, raised look. Post-processing takes less time than flat lay editing and is more cost-effective than hiring various models for different clothes. 


Ghost mannequin photo editing uses multiple shots of the product combined in post-production to get an image of the product with a ghost-like effect since the parts of the model and the mannequin are removed. It is a cost-effective method that increases consistency and provides a complete view of the product for a better understanding.

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